Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finalizing my to A to Z Project

I'm doing a final read through as I self-edit my collection of flash fiction.  I have deleted errors, polished sentences and changed a couple endings, but mostly the stories are the same.

I will be uploading my epub and mobi files to the Amazon and B&N sites on Thursday. Along with that I  will be publishing the stories on a wix.com website (I will link to it from here). It's been a busy first week of May.

Here's a preview:

I work exclusively on Ubuntu (as opposed to Windows or MacOS). Of course all the self publishing guides I come across on the web are for Microsoft Word and Windows. I used LibreOffice for editing my book, saved it as an HTML file and am using Calibre to do the conversions. I used Gimp to create the cover and images, getting all photos from the public domain.

It has been a learning process, and I love learning. Making the ebook hasn't been hard, it's mostly been figuring out the correct formatting on LibreOffice that would give me the best conversion from Calibre. In the following weeks I'll be posting the major things I had to do to get it right, for my own future reference really, and maybe others will find it useful.

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  1. Wow. You've done a lot. Hope you get tons of downloads!


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