Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A to Z Reflection & Next Steps

Wow. I feel like I can breath again. The A to Z challenge was hard. Coming up with 26 different stories in the span of 30 days was difficult. I do like what came out though. I am quite proud of them (most of them).

I came across the A to Z challenge in the last week of March and I could not be happier that I participated and survived (did you see my blog badge?). I consider it a major accomplishment. After a month's worth of daily writing and rewriting, I feel like I am much more aware of my own writing and hope it helps me as I dive back into my first novel, which I will get back to upon completion of this flash fiction project.

I'm currently rewriting some of the early ones and will be posting them on another site (I think it's looking great). It'll still be free and I will be linking to them from here. I'll probably be taking the ones on here back to draft mode.

I'm also making them into an e-book to go through the experience of making a full self published work. I don't know if that's the proper path, or even if the work warrants it, but I'm working to that end. I want the experience of going through it. Formatting, designing covers (you can see the one I made to the right), rewriting, editing, etc. I am in full edit mode right now.

For the blog, my next steps are still being hashed out. I enjoyed the flash fiction pieces so much that I do want to do one or two a month. I will be working out a calendar to put them out in monthly manner. I will also come up with a calendar for my own blog hopping. I plan to visit and comment on all the people that are following (thanks by the way),  that will be part of my monthly calendar.

Great things are ahead, I'm glad to say.


  1. Hey Von!! There are a ton of sites you can put your free flash ebook on and you'll get plenty of downloads. Great way to introduce yourself and your blog to others! Look forward to reading more of your work!

  2. Hi Von, Looks like it ended in E for Exhausted, but happy!
    I too am planning some form of e-publishing. Care to share some sites?

    It was great meeting up this way.

    Fareeda Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  3. Fareeda, I couldn't agree more on the whole challenge. It just felt so productive. I feel like I accomplished something.

    Right now I am finalizing my e-book and site. I'm hoping to go live by Friday. Then I'll put this project to rest.

    I wish I could share sites, but I have mixed and matched so many that if I did a google search, I couldn't tell you which ones I even clicked on.

    I will post about the entire process, of formatting and file creation next week.


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