Monday, April 1, 2013

Anniversaries -- Inspirational Mondays

My inspiration for this month comes from the one year anniversary of the AtoZ blogging challenge I started in 2012. Although I will not be taking part in it this year, I am forever in debt to the shear luck I had in finding it in 2012. Last year I challenged myself to write twenty-six 600-1000 word stories all in the month of April.

I had no idea where the stories would come from or if I would even be able to finish what I started. I did finish. At times I was writing into the wee hours of the night, but I did it. And I am all the better for it. You can see a link of the stories on the side there. The whole challenge got me going and helped me find my writer's sea legs. From there I was able to springboard to more stories. I'm still writing and plotting and know it's a long haul.

I find the anniversary quite inspiring. It reminds me of where I started and where I thought I was headed. And I am not disappointed. Thinking about it allows me to dream the dream again. 

It has gotten pretty quiet around here (my blog), and it probably will remain that way. I just find I prefer to write instead of blog. I will probably keep the once a month schedule on the first Monday, but wh
en I have stories to show I will. Thanks for visiting.