Monday, July 2, 2012

Inspirational Monday

The first Monday of the Month is Inspirational Monday.

I recently began following Neil Gaiman's tumblr. It is full of very good advice and interesting material. I highly recommend it. I find it very inspiring. Here it is.

He gets many questions from aspiring writers and he answers some of them.

Here's a question that was posted to Neil Gaiman in March. I love his response because he's right.

Question: I'm shockingly lazy and find it hard to get motivated to sit in front that computer and write. Help me!

Answer: Why? You being lazy and unmotivated and not writing allows another writer, who does sit down and write, to get published in your place. Magazines and publishers only have so many pages, so many annual publishing spots. You’re letting someone else who wants to do the work get published. Surely that’s a good thing…?

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I've been slowly building my twitter base and I've gotten up to 160 followers in a little over a month. It's mostly other writers, which I like because it reminds me that there are hundreds (probably thousands) of other writers out there working. Some are more talented, some are more skilled (probably most, but hey I just started).

It is those that work hardest, those that put forth the most effort, those that pour more of themselves into their work that will have the most success. Those things we want most in life never come free. Only through work and dedication will I become a better writer.

Happy Writing.

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