Monday, July 2, 2012

Inspirational Monday

The first Monday of the Month is Inspirational Monday.

I recently began following Neil Gaiman's tumblr. It is full of very good advice and interesting material. I highly recommend it. I find it very inspiring. Here it is.

He gets many questions from aspiring writers and he answers some of them.

Here's a question that was posted to Neil Gaiman in March. I love his response because he's right.

Question: I'm shockingly lazy and find it hard to get motivated to sit in front that computer and write. Help me!

Answer: Why? You being lazy and unmotivated and not writing allows another writer, who does sit down and write, to get published in your place. Magazines and publishers only have so many pages, so many annual publishing spots. You’re letting someone else who wants to do the work get published. Surely that’s a good thing…?

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I've been slowly building my twitter base and I've gotten up to 160 followers in a little over a month. It's mostly other writers, which I like because it reminds me that there are hundreds (probably thousands) of other writers out there working. Some are more talented, some are more skilled (probably most, but hey I just started).

It is those that work hardest, those that put forth the most effort, those that pour more of themselves into their work that will have the most success. Those things we want most in life never come free. Only through work and dedication will I become a better writer.

Happy Writing.

Following is a list of other writers and what they find inspiring. Join us if you like.


  1. I forgot. I guess I have to hurry up and write something.

    1. Back to write something related to your post.

      First, thanks for setting up this blog hop. I'm so new to all of this and they are a great way to meet new people.

      Second, love Neil Gaiman so much I can't even read him right now. I love his writing so much that when I was reading American Gods, I tried to emulate his style, and it was terrible. So I put that on hold until I'm finished with this first draft.

      Second-and-a-half, that question and answer feels like it was directed at me personally.

      Third (and last), keep up the writing. Practice makes perfect. Well, better anyway. Maybe in a year I'll be trying to copy your writing style.

  2. Blunt, brutal and completely true. I personally make myself write something every day, if my muse allows it.

    Happy Inspirational Monday! My own post will be up in a minute.

  3. Nothing like a kick in the pants for inspiration! I'm a little late to post this month but I will keep this in mind for next month. Great idea!

  4. Thanks Jennifer, Brian, and Heather for visiting. You know all the Nanowrimo stuff makes me feel like a month is the writer's work unit. A lot of stuff can happen in a month. It's always good to have one start on a good note. Happy writing.

  5. It's all I can do to blog occasionally. I don't have the time or interest to tweet and I don't even know what tumblr is. But I know I'll finish another revision in two chapters and that's good enough for me. :-)

  6. I started out all crazy for the social media, but soon realised it was taking too much time. You do need to connect, especially in the beginning where I feel we are taking on an apprenticeship of writing (I'm still doing mine), but if you don't get any writing done, then it's all for naught (except for the awesome friends we make!). I love my blog, but only blog once a week now. It's enough, otherwise it also puts out expectations on other bloggers to visit more often. Anyways, have now followed you on twitter, so there's one more, and following Neil Gaiman's blog, thanks for sharing that!

  7. Hahaha he's so right. I really have to make a plan to get back to writing. ^_^

  8. I can relate to your Twitter comment. I'm amazed how many writers there are out there. I just made 900 followers, and I probably haven't even scratched the surface. O_O

    IWSG #179 (At least until Alex culls the list again. :P)


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