Monday, March 26, 2012

"Eat My Shorts" -- Bart Simpson

I've decided to publish my first short story here on my blog. I can't help but think it's quite terrible. It's my first story and I know that over time my writing will improve. I keep going back to it and finding little errors or thinking I can rewrite certain passages and maybe add some more things here or there. I'm finalizing it now so I can let it go. The only thing I'll fix are grammatical errors and nothing more. It's on the sidebar under "Shorts." I have a couple more stories that may end up there too. They are flash fiction really.

I'll be focusing on my novels over the next few weeks. I've been structuring a second one but haven't started writing a thing yet. I have to say though that writing short stories really helped me when I was just starting my novel. Only because it focused my attention and helped me see the glaring flaws in my control of  basic point of view and dialogue. As you can see from the story it didn't fix anything,  but at least it made me more aware of them. Oy. I used reddit to help with reviewing it, they were great, I'm so glad to be part of that community, it's been an endless source of inspiration and resources.

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