Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vicky and the Vulture

This story has moved to another site. Check it out: Vicky and the Vulture


  1. Flash Fiction A-Z, what a creative idea! I love this dark fairy tale, I was afraid to keep reading when the vulture started pecking on her.. but I loved the ending :) I too started writing in my thirties, well seriously anyways.

  2. Nice build up to a flesh-eating end.

    Von,do you find the story writing itself once you have started, or have you an ending planned?

  3. Andrea: Thanks! I loved your blog.

    Fidel: Unfortunately, story writing doesn't come that easy to me. I haven't found a groove yet.The writing of every story has taken a different route.

    For some I only had a setting and the ending came out as I wrote it. For others I had the end in mind, and I had to work really hard to find a beginning. And for a few I was never happy with the ending (or the beginning), but the deadline of AtoZ had me throw it up anyway.

    I'm still trying to figure it all out, to put it vaguely.


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