Friday, May 11, 2012

Project Complete

My to A to Z experience was great. I feel like I actually produced something. As a result I have a web book, and an ebook, out in the ether. I don't expect much from it, perhaps some people may stumble upon it and find some enjoyment. Here it is:

I also made it into a kindle and nook book.

I will now put 90 percent of my writing efforts into my first novel (and 10 percent to my blog.)

Right now I'm trying to find a way to dive back into my novel, I think I'll do a rewrite from the top. The whole time I was writing this flash fiction, the story never left my mind. I have a lot of new ideas I have to incorporate. It is about a team of humans colonizing and discovering a new planet. I'll write more about it as it comes together. I'm shooting for an early 2013 release date, more about the story to come.

Thanks for all that visited and enjoyed the stories. Project complete.


  1. Good luck with your ebook. Like you, I took my flash fiction and moved it into an ebook, just to get something out there. Also, like you, I have to get back to my WIP which I've sadly neglected for way too long!

  2. Hope the rewriting goes well for the novel, and congrats!

  3. Congratulations...! Fareeda, Kuala Lumpur


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