Friday, February 10, 2012

Doubts Creep

 Yesterday I finished a 1000 word short story that I then submitted to  The site says I will get a response within 3 weeks of yay or nay.  Anyway it was somewhat satisfying to finish my first real story.  I had one other story in the same vein that I submitted to The story was the same topic but from different perspectives.  Anyway I can see that my writing got better over the weeks.  Nothing may come of it, but I just wanted to log my current happenings with my new venture.  The story was of an old man who was seeking euthanasia but only because it would help him live forever.

The novel is coming along, I have 6 chapters now.  I am struggling with keeping the strands of the story together.  The doubts of wellness are creeping in.  Is the story any good?  My protagonist is in a world from which I want to be able to get him out, yet it needs to be believable.  He's settled into his new world but I need now to get him out to find the rest of his troop.  The villain of the story is taking shape but at the same time I have to find him something he wants or rather doesn't want to lose.  I guess the obvious thing would be power.

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