Friday, February 3, 2012

The Process

I have currently two chapters mostly finished. I am writing a new planetary adventure.  I fear that there is no market for this but who knows.  I am struggling with life on the planet.

I'm not sure what the best process for writing is.  I keep going back to the first chapter and revising it.  I've also outlined my plot and structure.  I know the major doors and the disturbances that my characters will be going through. Right now I am focused on character development.  I've been reading many books and articles in the web concerning the creative writing method and as far as I can tell everyone has a different take.  Some say just write and don't worry about revising.  I can't do that mostly because I want to develop the characters as I go, it also helps me stay consistent as I agonize over every little word.

I've been trying to use reddit for reviews with no luck.  I'm not ready to show the chapter to my wife, she's busy.  I'm venturing through this alone.

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